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Environmental Clearances of Coal Mines in India 2019-2021

India has become the second largest coal consumer in the world in 2020 (IEA 2021). China and India, account for two-thirds of global coal consumption, despite their notion to increase renewables and other low-carbon energy sources (IEA 2021). Per International Energy Agency’s recent assessment India’s growing appetite for coal is set to add 130 million tonnes (MT) of coal demand between 2021 and 2024 as India is yet to develop alternative technologies that can replace industrial use of coal in the short term. Coal consumption in India has been increased by 13.4% in the year 2021 as compared to 2020 (IEA 2021). According to the website of Ministry of Power, Government of India, almost sixty percent power is still generated from fossil fuel. Coal fired power generation accounts for 51.6% of total generation which is 203900 megawatt (MoP 2022) In the backdrop of several negative impact of coal mining on environment and human health, India’s dependence on coal in such a huge degree is a matter of concern. It is important to track the process and the trend of coal productions in India as the exercise might be crucial in formulating necessary advocacy action.